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 Voucher Terms & Conditions  

1. B Beautiful Salon Gift Vouchers are not intended for resale. B Beautiful Salon Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Change may be given in the form of a lower denomination Gift Voucher. In some circumstances change, typically if under £1, will be given in cash. In some instances no change will be given. Vouchers or Cards which are defaced, altered or cancelled will not be accepted in shops. 
2. B Beautiful Salon reserves the right to change the range of Vouchers we offer at any time, without prior notification. Many of the Gift Vouchers offered are 'multi-option' Vouchers, redeemable for goods in a variety of stores. 
3. Users should refer to the back of the specific Gift Voucher for any retailer specific terms and conditions, in particular the expiry date 
4. Most Gift Vouchers are "open ended" and do not have an expiry date. This does not apply to all Vouchers Gift and B Beautiful Salon takes no responsibility to changes to the Terms and Conditions of individual Gift Voucher. 
5. B Beautiful does not operate a Sales & Return Policy. 
Risk and title will pass to the customer upon delivery. B Beautiful can take no liability for any lost, stolen or damaged Vouchers once responsibility of ownership has passed to the customer at time of delivery. B Beautiful are not directly linked to any retailers whose products are listed in our range, nor any of the companies who issue 'multi-option' Voucher products. In the event that any one such product or company be placed in either administration or receivership there is no obligation on B Beautiful to replace or exchange any previously issued, unspent Gift Vouchers 
6. Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase anything from within the B Beautiful Treatments range, from a simple File and Polish treatment to the latest Arbonne beauty products, to St Trope Spray Tans and more! The choices are endless! Here are some ideas for each gift voucher.